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If business owners value one thing more than the rest, it’s time. Time is of utmost importance, with the aim to use it diligently so as to make the best of it. In marketing, where everything is at the pace of lightning, how do you save time? Moreover, how do you ensure everything is on time?

At least for the world of social media marketing, we have concrete solutions! The answer lies in scheduling apps. In a tech-oriented world, it is only valid that we have dedicated tools to help us manage our time. Scheduling tools basically take over the scheduling side of your business’s social media or content feed. Even if you have prepared your content at midnight, you can schedule it for the next morning wherein you do not have to undertake the task of posting it yourself. Thus, you become efficient and save time. 

There are a number of scheduling tools available, each having their unique appeal to marketers. The right scheduling tool or the right mix of scheduling tools for your business will be based on the day-today requirements. Here are our top picks: 

Sked Social

This tool is popular between most of the upcoming businesses on Instagram. It is trusted for the fact that it provides the visualisation of a planned social media feed. With a cherry on top, it automatically publishes the planned post on its defined scheduled time, provides favourable hashtags and even social media insights. You can check out this amazing tool here


As a tool, Later definitely is the most favourite tool used by marketers for all social networks. Just a few clicks and you are able to plan, strategise and organise your content. With its affordable subscription plans and easy to understand user interface, it provides the perfect start for budding marketers. Providing a glimpse into the social media insights of your post and this becomes the complete package for marketing your brand. Check it out!


Planoly is backed up by the likes of Instagram itself, being its official partner. It is a visual tool that allows you to plan and schedule your feed through a calendar. Additionally, it also provides sources for you to build an effective marketing team. True to its name, Planoly provides you with a great approach to share the story of your brand. 


Yes, you read that right. The champion of graphic design also helps you schedule your ideas and save time. Canva is loved globally due to the fact that it’s free and has a template ready for literally anything. From presentations, editorials, reports, infographics, social media posts for multiple platforms with their different aspect ratios; it is of no wonder why it is so loved. But what’s better than Canva? Canva Pro. The subscribed version provides you with way more templates, creations and also gives you an option to schedule them for your social media feed. 


This tool not only helps out with scheduling and posting but also helps towards deciding a caption which will lead to more visibility for the post. Using hashtags and visual planning for effectively interacting with the audience of your brand, is what remains the key feature of this tool. You can check out Preview here.

Ami Shah

Ami Shah

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