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Leena Munot,
Co-Founder - The Giving Tree

What started as a small setup of handmade paper products in the year 2000… has grown into a full-blown corporate gift house. This is the story of Leena Munot, Co-Founder, The Giving Tree – which today is known as India’s most innovative, earth-friendly and honestly priced gift house.

An unwilling commerce graduate, Leena’s journey into entrepreneurship has been life-changing. It gave her an avenue to explore and express her creativity and test a completely different product in a crowded market for gifts. Mala S matched her zeal for creativity with an equally meticulous eye for pre-print work, and that laid the foundation for a winning partnership.

The duo Mala S and Leena Munot share a common love for all things Indian, all things handcrafted and all things green. It is this passion that comes alive in all their creations. From newspaper rolled pens to theme-based gift hampers, from innovative gadgets to apparel and from notebooks to full-blown employee engagement kits to a whole lot of gifts for foreign delegates….they have created a niche for themselves in the gifting market for over two decades and continue to be pioneers in the field.

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