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Savitha and Ruche commenced with a welcome note to all the participants. They ensured the session was a safe place for all of us to open up and discuss our concerns. Then, with about 10 seconds to each participant, we quickly introduced ourselves.

Once the introductions were completed, Savitha began by explaining about goals. The first term she introduced was SMART goals. While setting our individual goals, it is the SMART framework that matters the most.

Below is the expansion of the acronym

S – Specific – Defining what exactly is the goal

M – Measurable – Can be tracked and quantified

A – Achievable – Within your capacity and possible to accomplish

R – Relevant – Aligns well with your mission

T – Time Bound – Defining deadlines for the goals

After we all learned the meaning of SMART, Savitha asked us to take a moment to close of our eyes. She calmly instructed us to center ourselves. She asked us to concentrate on our inner voice and think about what we want to achieve.

When we opened our eyes, Savitha asked us to write down a single word that defines what we want to achieve in the month of February.

Then, she asked us to think and make a note of the following-

  • One thing that worked really well for us in the month of January
  • One biggest challenge in the month of January
  • One reason for what worked really well

We all noted our observation for the month of January.

Once done, we were asked to write down three words defining our goals for February. These three words would be the benchmark for setting our goals. Savitha explained how defining ‘what’ we want can help us in understanding ‘how’ we can achieve it.

With this, we were asked to define 3 professional goals and 3 personal goals. We were all made to announce in front of each other. The main reason is to make ourselves accountable to the fellow women entrepreneurs about achieving our goals.

One such example of Mallika Sesha.

One vision word for the month of February – Upgraded

Three words for what she wants the Feb month to be-

  • Productive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Focussed
3 Professional Goals 3 Personal Goals
Complete SEO Course Practice yoga for 4 days in a week
Learn 5 new word everyday to improve my vocabulary Plan son’s birthday party
Dedicate half-day per week on research Grow 2 pots of vegetable

In addition to goal setting, Savitha cleared many doubts of entrepreneurs in planning their calendar, work-life balance, self-care, and many more topics.

Savitha Nanjappa can be reached on the HEN platform regarding any questions on goal setting strategies. If she is unavailable, one can reach out to Ruche with the required queries which shall be redirected to Savitha.

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