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#HENforHEN defines the core of what the HEN India community stands for. It means, that a HEN, a woman entrepreneur (not the bird hen 😉) supports a fellow women entrepreneur.  

The support system of HENs for each other is strong on Facebook. It had to be extended on Instagram too. Instagram is the most active social media platform today. According to our research, Instagram has an astounding reach and engagement. Keeping the current trends of the platform in mind, we designed the #HENforHEN shoutout campaign.  

The campaign began with the HENs supporting each other via shoutouts on their stories. As time progressed, the support has evolved to engage with each other’s posts on Instagram and other social media platforms.  

Success Stories of the Campaign 

The campaign gave opportunities for HENs to collaborate with each other. It helped them explore the possibilities of brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion into sales.  

1.      Instagram Live sessions 

Sudha S, from Botanica Essensuals and Harsha Jain came together for a live session to discuss the difference between essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils. Sudha S also did a live session with Smriti Rastogi for a conversation on natural products for skincare.  

  2.      Joint Giveaway Contests 

Varsha Salva, Nikita Almeida and Latha Jain from UV Creations, Collections Reloved, and Arma Naturals, all belonging to sustainable lifestyle ventures collaborated on a giveaway contest. Sudha S collaborated with Prakriti Herbals for another giveaway contest.  

According to Sudha S, the live sessions and give-away contests were a great learning experience. “There was remarkable engagement from the audience on the live sessions. After the giveaway contest, I had 100 new followers on the page. I also had enquires coming on my products and resulting in a few sales too,” she said.   

Apart from the live sessions and give-away contests, the HENforHEN campaign supported HENs to effectively utilize the platform. Medha Jain from myfuniturestory and Lakshmi Menon from Expressions of India learned to leverage Insta stories in their Instagram strategy.  

In a nutshell, the campaign opened newer avenues for HENs to support each other. It expanded their reach to different audiences through collaborations and engagement with each other. 

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