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We invited Dipika Singh from SheMeansBusiness to conduct a workshop on Story-telling for Small Business. The session focused on the importance of weaving a story to talk about business on every platform ,engagement or forum. This enables smaller businesses to generate curiosity , brand -recall value and to develop a bond with the target audience.
Key Takeaways from the session are :-
Why should we weave a story ?
  • Helps you stand out from the competition
  • Makes your brand more memorable
  • Helps stakeholders relate to you
  • Gives you an interesting PR peg
  • Gets stakeholders to talk about you: An interesting story will always be repeated by people who come in contact with your brand.
Where do Stories come from?
  • How you started?
  • Why you started?
  • Product differentiation
  • Behind the scenes
  • Vendor stories
  • Client stories
What are the types of stories?
  • Overarching story – About the brand and its purpose
  • Bite sized stories (Product, clients) – each product can have a story based on design,  background etc.
How and when should I share the story ?
The story has to be shared with different people consistently and repeatedly. A story can be told in  different ways:
Owned Media – Social media channels, website
Other Media – PR activity .Through packaging, interesting content.
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