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We started with a round of short Introductions and sharing business details. Savitha Nanjappa – our Coach for the session started with the March Goal setting presentation.

Goal setting takeaway points:

  • Why goal setting is important? If we don’t have clarity, we wont know what to do at everyday level of tasks. Goal setting is primary in both business and personal areas.
  • It is the key and foundation of your business. Do it with every client to set the right expectations.
  • Reflect, review and plan. Get centered, get grounded. We did a brief meditation and then Savitha worked on Reflect/Review and Planning introspection
  • Reflect: Savitha urged all participants to reflect on past months tasks and note down the thoughts for the following questions:
    • What things did you achieve and what projects did you finish?
    • Share your wins in business and personal
    • What worked well in the past month and why?
    • What challenges did we face and why?
    • What are you most grateful for?
    • Review: After reflection and introspection, Savitha took the participants through the review phase where we worked on data
    • How much revenue did your business generate last month?
    • What were your expenses?
    • What was the net profit?

Savitha highlighted the importance of collecting, analyzing and using the data to measure growth and goals reached.

  • Planning: Savitha then took all the participants through the March Goal setting exercise with SMART goals
    • S – Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic, T- Timely. All of us noted down pointers to goals/projects that we want to work on or complete this month.
    • With SMART goal setting, set goals for all parts of life and not just work – Relationships, health, social, career.
    • Divide goals into personal and work/business goals and not down all points to work on actively. Pick goals which are specific
    • Select measurable goals. Analyze whether the goals we are setting can be measured with data and results.
    • Goals need to be achievable. Select goals that are big and will challenge us.
    • Set realistic goals and give ourselves a chance at winning.
    • Put down timelines and how much or what can be worked upon.

Goals can be listed by asking ourselves the following questions:

  • WHAT (3-4 specific things that we want)
  • WHY (Why we want to achieve this goal and how will it tie in to the bigger objective?)
  • HOW? (Break the goal to bite-sized pieces. Create mini goals and clear out the dependencies)
  • WHEN? (Reasonable and realistic timelines. Schedule and block a goal- setting time in our calendar before we start to work)

Savitha wrapped up with sharing some best Mindset habits to follow to achieve the maximum benefit from goal setting:

  • Look at your goals everyday
  • Create a few affirmations for it and keep saying it to yourself
  • Visualize your goals coming to life
  • Plan the day well
  • Keep the needle moving forward. Stagnation should be avoided.

The session was extended and came to an end by 1:00pm with the enthusiastic participants positive about using Savitha’s format for their goal setting. The new members in March were added to Facebook workplace where the participants were requested to
share their March goals and carry on the discussion in the forum.

Tanushree Nair

Tanushree Nair

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