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Accountability is a journey of self-discovery and training of the mind to cultivate habits that lead to success and growth. And having someone to help us along this journey of accountability can be a rewarding and motivating factor. It is all about staying answerable to oneself and others around us for our actions.
So, is it all about putting you in a position of peer pressure? The answer is a BIG NO. This journey of accountability has much more than that.
An accountability partner is typically someone who shares a goal that you want to achieve. You’ll build a reciprocal relationship where you team up together to pursue your goals and objectives and keep one another on track. If you can find someone to hold you accountable for your lofty goals, you can achieve those targets much more quickly. It aids and smoothens out the rough creases in the journey and also keeps you on track even when you feel your resolve slipping.
Your accountability partner is your – Constant Cheer Leader who always keeps you motivated to stay productive while working religiously on achieving their goals.

“Accountability breeds response-ability.” — Stephen Covey

Lets’ look at some of the benefits of having an accountability partner that can help you achieve your goals:

1. They help you stay motivated

An accountability partner can become a source of inspiration, motivation, and support in your journey to achieving your goals. They can help you resolve any negative thoughts and emotions. and in keeping your mind focused on your targets. If you are facing the lows of life, your accountability partner will ensure that you progress without getting distracted or losing energy and effort in the wrong direction.

2. They keep you on track

 Having an accountability partner can keep you on track and improve your productivity. When you have an accountability partner, seeing their hard work motivates you to work hard too, and vice versa. Sharing your goals with an accountability partner will help you in setting deadlines and ensuring that you reach your deadlines. Studies prove that when someone publicly shares their goals with the right people, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%. 

3. Support and Advice

Having someone as a partner in your journey of accomplishing your goals and objectives, means you always have someone to talk to about your goals, crack inside jokes with, and build a closer friendship as you do the hard work together. As an independent observer of your journey, they can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and give an unbiased viewpoint of your achievements. Any journey will have its ups and downs. In your low days, your accountability partner can help you get back on your feet by reminding you of your goals and objectives.

4. Learnings

 You can learn from other people’s successes as well as their mistakes. Having this type of partnership can help you identify challenges and obstacles in your journey that you may not have thought about before. Many studies have shown that teaching is an effective way of learning. Having an accountability partner means that you’re a student, a teacher, and a cheerleader all at the same time. When you teach something to your accountability partner, it means you are ingraining those learnings again. 

5. They Help You Push the Limits

 Accountability enables you to reinforce your goals regularly. Your partner helps you stay mindful of the present and still pushes you to your limits. An accountability partner can help you challenge your abilities and encourage you to recognize areas with the scope of growth. Accountability is about bringing a rich and complete experience into our lives. It’s also about exploring our abilities and it is a great way to do that in a safe and comfortable environment.
Here is one such success story of accountability partners- Medha Jalan and Aarthi Rajagopalan, who met on HEN India. Watch this inspiring –Instagram Live, where these two successful women entrepreneurs are sharing their journey of success and how being accountability partners of each other helped them in their entrepreneurial journey.
HEN is a networking community of Indian Women Entrepreneurs, who Inspire, Inform, and Support each other in their entrepreneurial journey. 
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