Surround yourself with only products and people who are going to lift you higher.

We at HEN India, believe in the power of Collaboration. Fostering an ecosystem of growth and alliance – has been a joint effort with our partners of providing the Women Entrepreneurs with the right tools for scaling up their business.

We are committed to create a network of various products and communities (#Glocal) that will empower businesses.



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Power is collaboration, interdependence, and everyone showing up to bring their particular individual gifts.

We all have strengths, even if we have not discovered them yet. Finding methods to employ our strengths in the right direction is a key ingredient for a blissful life. Happiness increase when we discover our strength and enjoy practicing it till we truly master it. And with the right attitude and environment, our strengths can reach maximum effectiveness and favorable results inevitably follow.

HEN India believes and acts on the notion that- the best way to live is when one works on their strengths. With this belief, and with the support of our partners, HEN India strives to bestow the Women Entrepreneurs with the right guidance and support who are always receptive to development and Growth. We at HEN India have created a flock that thinks right and breathes encouragement into your plans and ideals. The environment here works for you- stimulation from others serves as an excellent ingredient of Growth and leads you towards developing your full potential.

To run a business today we need various products like - payment gateways, marketplaces, invoicing tools, design and content creation tools, HR tools etc…

This is not enough we also need to explore new markets and connect with investors, mentors, bankers and much more.