Innovation Women is an online platform designed to connect entrepreneurial, technical and professional women with a wide variety of visibility opportunities: speaking engagements, including keynotes, featured speakers, panelists, fireside chats, startup pitch judges, day mentors and more.

IW handles opportunities for speakers who get paid to speak as well as speakers who speak for visibility for themselves and their company. Speakers receive invitations directly through IW website as well they can search the platform for opportunities. Speakers also get a weekly email with the top opportunities they can apply for. Unlike a traditional speaker bureau, invitations go directly to the speakers, and you keep your entire speaker fee (if you get paid to speak.)

Speaker Benefits on Innovation Woman

Innovation Woman is founded in 2015, has 9500+ platform members, and is focused to providing women with visibility & opportunities via speaking engagements.

Words to live by

If you can speak, you can influence.

If you can influence, you can change lives.