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On the first day of every month, we look forward to our goal-setting session with Savitha Nanjappa.

Savitha Nanjappa is a Success Coach, Founder of Success with Savitha. She has been instrumental in supporting HEN members, setting up goals, prioritizing, and increasing daily productivity.

This first of May, the session, ‘May means Money’ was another informative session on setting goals for increasing our business. This in turn, would help us in earning more money. We learned an important concept of ‘time batching’ to optimize our productivity to our best abilities.

The gist of the session – May means Money

  1. Savitha started by instructing us to note down 3 pointers for this statement – Write down three things that would bring in more money
  2. Then, she asked us to answer the questions about our struggles –
    1. What are you struggling with?
    2. Why are you struggling?
    3. What would you like to change?
  3. What is Time Batching?

Once, we noted down the answers for this, she introduced us to the concept of ‘time batching’. Time batching allows us to plan our days well in advance. It is a concept that makes you work on a single domain in the given time.

For example, if you are confused about carrying out different aspects of your business, time batching helps you in the allocation of timings for each task. Let’s say, you have web designing, content writing, marketing, networking, etc., you can choose to do specific activities on a single day.

  • Monday – Web designing – 4 hours (Here, you will work only on this without worrying about other
  • Tuesday – Content Writing – 3 hours (These 3 hours are dedicated only for content writing)
  • Wednesday – Marketing – Full day (You will only do marketing on Wednesdays)

After explaining to about ‘time batching’, Savitha showcased her own weekly planner based on the same concept. She discussed in detail how her tasks are planned well and executed with precision. Savitha also displayed ‘time batching’ of her colleague who works only for 3 days in a week. This planner looked efficient for her work schedule.

Being Productive Together
Savitha instructed each one of us to prepare our weekly planner based on time batching. She asked us to write down how a particular day would like in a week. She asked us to execute the plan and tweak it accordingly based on what is working best for us.

Savitha then took up questions from attendees on productivity and suggested helpful pointers for reaching everyone’s May goals. A separate WhatsApp group was created by Ruche for all the attendees to share their weekly plans. On the WhatsApp platform, we can ask any questions pertaining to goal setting and increasing productivity. We can ask questions on optimizing the time batched planner. Savitha will provide her valuable insights on the plans and goals.

Note: If you have not attended the goal setting sessions yet, you can join us from the month of June. You will become part of an exclusive WhatsApp group to discuss and support each other in the journey of entrepreneurship