1 year complimentary HEN membership + 3 months of mentoring to 10 NGOs owned and run by women entrepreneurs in India.

If you are an NGO led by women entrepreneurs – we want to work with you.

The purpose is to bring opportunities and benefits of professional networking to non-profit organizations run by women entrepreneurs. This cause fits well with our purpose of building a women entrepreneurship ecosystem and foster inclusiveness. 

Standing together in solidarity to show our support to our fellow women entrepreneurs is what we need today. What makes HEN India different is in our value of empowerment, trust and transparency.

Our vision is to support women entrepreneurs to grow and scale up their businesses together with balanced lives.

Terms and Conditions 

  1. The NGO should be registered and run by a woman entrepreneur. 
  2. This limited offer is available to first 10 NGOs applying for membership online 
  3. HEN India will review the applications received and will grant memberships after completing their due diligence process.
  4. HEN membership will be in the name of the primary women owner of the NGO who will be entitled to all paid membership benefits – access to networking meetings, workshops, HEN partner benefits and access to online www.HEN.community
  5. Along with HEN.Community membership, we also bring to you mentoring support by Ms.Tejaswita Bose.
  6. We are open for applications from NGO’s working in any field of work with a purpose to promote social or political change and play a critical role in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.
  7. Free Membership period will be limited for the first 12 months only.

For any questions, please feel free to reach us at henindia@gmail.com

Our members are the heart and soul of our community. Their values are the compass, their actions are the engine and their experience is the fuel that drives our work for the development of the women entrepreneurship community.

Together we work on all levels and with the most comprehensive approach to enable growth in their businesses.

Mentor for the Program

Tejeswita Bose

Founder and Director- Unificare Consulting Ltd;
Trustee of BASHA (school for underprivileged children)

She has 18+ years of experience in working with children & young people in various capacities. For the past 10 years she has been working for children’s services in London. After years of experience working with children and young people, she decided to complete her Masters in NGO Management to fulfil her vision of making a meaningful impact in Children’s lives in India. 

Finally, in 2021, she founded Unificare Consulting Limited, with a view to empowering Nonprofits, foundations, government organisations and international organisations; particularly the ones working with children and in the child development sector; through provision of sustainable interventions in order to build local capacities, resilience and bring about sustainable change.

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