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a 3 hour session on how to use FACEBOOK For BUSINESS BENEFITS… Workshop limited to 20 people.

Takeaways from the workshop :
1. create a rough draft of your social media strategy with the help of a work book
2. learn how to create a plan for your social media activities
3. understand how to assess and find your audience
4. learn how to optimize your social media presence
5. understand how to measure returns/results of social media activities

Who should attend:
1. Companies looking to connect with larger audience and wants to promote their brands on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpon etc…
2. Companies with havign their business page and promotions on social media but is not able to calculate the ROI.
3. if you are thinking of promoting your product/ services but dont know which medium to go with or Why…
4. wondering where to find your audience and how to connect with them…

WorkShop Mentor
Fatema (Freya) Rehman is a Social Media Marketing Friend…:)
She has been a Social Media Marketing Consultant for the last two years. She is the Author Community Manager and Social Media Expert full time at BookBuzzr and consults for a few entrepreneurs. BookBuzzr has over 7000 registered authors and a twitter following of above 12,000. She also manages BookBuzzr’s sister site Freado’s Facebook page with a following of 987. She can be found online at –

Twitter –

Google+ –

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