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June 28, 2011, Hyderabad (Barista) –  The first HEN meet at Hyderabad was very successful in terms of sharing business interests. It was decided that meet will be held at end of every month and each existing member will bring at least one prospective HEN member to the meet and those in turn will bring one more prospective HEN member, which will help us to get more and more ‘WE’ on board.

The objective of the meet is to network with different women entrepreneurs and work towards contributing in others businesses. It was also decided that there will be an event in every meet in terms of a talk, or  audio video display of products of various entrepreneurs and so on and so forth.

The HEN meet will also involve the sharing and exchanging ideas of the journey that each member has lead towards her entrepreneurial venture . Looking forward for a wonderful HEN Hyderabad meet ups in the coming months…

– Neha Dev


  1. Neha Agarwal
  2. Reshma Shetty – Angel Kids
  3. Sunitha Anala – Fusion Control Systems Pvt Ltd
  4. Uma Garimella – Inspiring-Teachers
  5. Neha Dev – Grhasti 
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