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HEN India meets are always a pleasure to attend. And if you have ever attended one, you know the benefits you come out with are unique and unmatched.

HEN meets were held at Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore where the main theme of discussion was marketing your business and topics related to the same. It was an attempt to address problems related to marketing, as also bring about an exchange of ideas and experiences.

The agenda across all cities was  – HEN members’ Problems, thoughts and experiences to do with marketing

and the discussion led to following learning…

  1. ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing got maximum votes across all cities and most HEN believes it is the best marketing tool, especially for small and medium size businesses.
  2. Social media scored next with Facebook and LinkedIn appearing as popular means of marketing HEN run businesses.
  3. Blogging was equally voted for and many of our members agreed that having a blog or page helps build long term customers for business.
  4. Many HEN members also vouched for exhibitions, especially those with a product range to showcase. They claim they not only get orders but also get the much wanted exposure through such events.
  5. A consensus was also reached on sharing resources and helping each other through networking. Also most HEN members believe that delivering more to the client and delivering well each time is a definite way to get repeat business.
  6. One of the members suggested that founders of the company can create their own profile document, which can go along with the company profile in the initial days of the company… Information of the Founder member is  a brilliant tool to market a company as well.

All in all, most members benefitted greatly since it was obvious that shared experiences help each other in many ways. One HEN’s experience could be the answer to another HEN’s long pending query while one HEN’s regular marketing tool could be another’s answer to marketing problems.


  1. Shelly Jain (Kolkata)
  2. Kritie Sodhani (Kolkata)
  3. Anuja Jain (Kolkata)
  4. Rohini Lodge (Kolkata)
  5. Divya Aswani (Kolkata)
  6. Tarunjeet Ratan (Bangalore)
  7. Avantika Poddar Arya (Bangalore)
  8. Harshini Devatha (Bangalore)
  9. Ruche M Mittal (Bangalore)
  10. Bharathi Raj (Bangalore)
  11. Saiswaroopa Iyer (Bangalore)
  12. Asha Satapathy (Bangalore)
  13. Deepa Bhat (Bangalore)
  14. Kranti Kothari (Mumbai)
  15. Aarti Kandhari (Mumbai)
  16. Zaral kapadia (Mumbai)
  17. Anjali Dalvi (Mumbai)
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