• Date 15 April 2016
  • Time 15:30–18:30
  • Venue

    # 70 Brigade Road, Bangalore, India 560025

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Understand PR for Business – Bangalore

Public Relations is an integral brand building tool. One that transforms your company into a brand. One that will define and separate your company from the rest. One that will be give you the winning edge. One that needs to be set right from Day 1.

Each day of your business adds to the reputation of your company. Your vision, mission, processes and practices – theoretically and practically are all a part of it. So how do you start ? When do you start ? What can you do yourself ? Where do you start ? When do you need to look for a PR partner ? With whom do you start ? These are questions that plague every entrepreneur when it comes to PR and often relegated to the back of the to-do list without realizing they are burying the strongest and most credible tool in their marketing kitty. Realization dawns only when crisis hits or investor talks begin and it hits you that your brand has not build any credibility or equity in the market with any credible third party endorsers. Don’t worry. You can start today by first learning the basics. These are the very questions that we will help answer in this session.

About the speaker

Well versed in various verticals of reputation management across segments, Tarunjeet Rattan, Founder , Nucleus PR (www.nucleuspr.in ); comes with over 15 years of experience in the industry.


A better understanding of PR and what it can do for your company

Participation Fee – Rs.650/- per head

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