Meet Nina Lekhi, Founder – Baggit

Meet Nina Lekhi, and get insired by her story of an entrepreneur who built a 100-crore company ‘Baggit’ with the power of intent and love .

“Women can’t have it all! It’s either career or family. I disagree. As I see it, we can have it all – a successful company, a loving family and the opportunity to follow our passion. When I was a teenager, I started a small ghar-ka-business selling trendy handbags. Today, Baggit is a 100-crore company. Along the way, I became a wife and a mom and navigated the various twists and turns in my personal life. I could do it all because of my loving, supportive family and my guru, who have made me a better person and a better entrepreneur. This is the story of how a C-minus student – a failure in college – became an A-plus entrepreneur. If I can do it, so can you. My secrets are in these pages.” says Nina Lekhi, MD & Chief Design Curator of Baggit, who is ecstatic to share her journey with the masses.

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