Introduction to IPR: Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property today has become priceless and is of concern for most of the entrepreneurs. This session is our attempt to clarify the legal aspect, action and information around the subject. 

Topic of Discussion

  1. Intellectual property : introduction to the concept of intellectual property
    • Scope, significance and need for intellectual property
  2. Patents
    • Objectives
    • Subject matter
    • Essential requirements
    • Types of patents
    • Written description and its importance
    • Who can file
    • Filing and procedure -India
  3. Trademarks
    • What is trademark 
    • Features or requirements of TM
    • Functions
    • Different forms and types of TM
    • Categories 
    • Case Studies

Our Mentor for the Program is Judith P George

Judith is an IP Attorney practising for 6 years now. She handholds the client through the entire process of patenting and trademarking , till the client gets the exclusive right over the invention or the brand ,as the case may be. Hence she is from the system and is best to guide us on trademark and patenting legalities.

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