HEN India Business Networking Meet

Lets connect and know from each other, business with each other!!

The 2 hour comprehensive plan
4.00pm – 4.10pm – Ice Breaker
4.10pm – 5.10pm – Lets know each other better
5.10pm – 5.40pm – Business Game that brings your creativity and strategic mind to work together.
5.40pm – 6.00pm – Wrap up & Closure for the evening

The evening brings not only food for mind, but food for the tummies as well… be prepared for working snack time!

Parking – at owners risk! an ola or uber is prefered mode of commuting to yogisthan

Dressing – Be in semi formals and be prepared to sit on the floor 😉

Registration cost rs.500/- per head.
Session open for max. 30 HEN India members.