Constructing & Realising the Dreams with Anupama Menon

Lets Meet and Grow Together!! Lets share our Dream Goals and support each other to achieve them.

We are excited for the next HEN India Coffee Meet with Anupama Menon.

Anupama is a Nutritionist and a master in her industry. She has been a professional since 1995, howevere launched her business – RightLiving in 2011.

RightLiving has 2 service veticals to itself – RightLiving Retail & RightLiving Corporate. Through RighLivingRetail Anupama and her team has supported 3000+ people become fit and live a healthy life, and through RightLivingCorporate they have address to 30,000+ professionals in the same space of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Anupama will be sharing her RightLiving Journey with all of us and her prescription/learnings for healthy Business.

For further details & enquiries call us on 09342146625