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India has a rich heritage of traditions and rituals. Our country is a world in a world. Every state has its own culture, way of life, beliefs, architecture etc. Right from the way of celebrating festivals to living the regular day to day life.. you can always find something unique and beautiful. There are villages where you still can find tribes who are untouched by the modern world. Chanchal Badsiwal, Founder & Owner of Chanchal – Bringing Art to Life (, has always been mesmerised with such unique plurality.

After a decade of working for corporates and heading business units, Chanchal’s long-cherished dream of being an entrepreneur could not wait any longer. Being an admirer of traditional art and textiles, the idea to develop an enterprise around Indian traditional art forms took over in 2014. She gave up on the ease and benefits of a rewarding job, regular pay check and established credentials; & started travelling and connecting with the local artisans and weavers in the eastern and southern parts of India.

When she started meeting these people, she realised how bad the conditions are for artists and weavers working in the hinterlands. Some of the heritage arts were already lost. Many weavers had stopped weaving, artists were struggling to make ends meet and were looking for other work streams; they no longer wanted to pass these heritage forms to their children. The need to revive some of the dying heritage art forms and sustaining them to next generation grew stronger in her.

In 2015, based on two catalytic thoughts of ‘creating shared value’ and ‘promoting traditional Indian art forms’ CHANCHAL was finally launched . The aim was/is to bridge the gap between current generation’s preferences and age old heritage forms.

CHANCHAL thus became the expression of Chanchal’s love for the old art and craft forms. 

CHANCHAL has now become a fascinating blend of the modern and the traditional hand crafted arts of Chitrakari, Shilpkari, Bunkaari, Dastkaari.
Not many people know that the hands that make these exquisite works of art often struggle to feed their families, living out of single room huts in remote villages, losing out because of modernity where speed and volume, push aside the slow, loving process of the creation of each piece. Chanchal aims to revive and keep up these traditional and exquisite art forms before they disappear forever.

Chanchal says, “Breaking away from the obsession for standardisation and perfection, we intend to bring the uniqueness, beauty and perspective of the “Imperfect” through our products. Every product is carefully envisioned to keep the soul of traditional art/textile alive and at the same time adapting to modern design sensibilities. Each product is one of its kind—a little different, a little imperfect and unique.”

In keeping with its ideology of ‘shared value’ the company sources it’s fabric directly from the weavers in villages across India. The fabric is then sent to artists in different Indian villages to embellish it with their native art work. For instance, Madhubani Paintings are created in Madhubani village (Bihar); Pattachitra in Raghurajpur (Odisha); Bandhani is dyed in Kutch (Gujarat) and so on. The bags and clothing are then stitched in workshops in Delhi & Bangalore.

When you buy something from CHANCHAL what you get is a labour of love—touched by master artisans and craftsmen who leave their distinct imprint on each piece.

Today, CHANCHAL works hand in hand with traditional artist communities across the country, reliving the magic of the tribes, artisans, weavers and spreading awareness about their art. Their main product lines are:

  • Hand Bags
  • Women Clothing
  • Dokra Jewelry
  • Home Décor & Traditional Paintings

They also do customized gifts for wedding and functions as well for Corporates.

So far it has been an interesting journey for CHANCHAL. CHANCHAL has worked with many national/state award winners (in their respective art/craft form) hailing from villages across states and helped in creating wonders using their art forms.

” The gratification of being able to create opportunities and employment for the artists/weaving communities is unparalleled, ” Chanchalsays.

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– Team HEN India

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