The Buttercup Journey with Arpita Ganesh

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HEN India Meet, Bangalore, May20 – 4th Hen India meet in 2016, attended by 20 Indian Women Entrepreneur.


Key Take-always from Arpita’s session by Chanchal:

I was 20 when I made my first business plan. It was to make affordable bras for Indian women keeping in mind their unique anatomies. The idea never took flight due to several reasons. 

HEN Mash up in Bangalore

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After a long time, we decided to have a HEN meet-up last Friday in Bangalore. The learnings over the past meetings made us decide to hold the meeting at a Conference room of a Business Center. After checking in half-dozen spaces, we zeroed in on Golden Square Serviced Offices at Madiwala.

Social Media Strategies

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a 3 hour session on how to use FACEBOOK For BUSINESS BENEFITS… Workshop limited to 20 people.

Takeaways from the workshop :
1. create a rough draft of your social media strategy with the help of a work book
2. learn how to create a plan for your social media activities
3. understand how to assess and find your audience
4. learn how to optimize your social media presence
5. understand how to measure returns/results of social media activities

7th Bangalore HEN meet

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January 20, 2012, CCD Lounge: This was one of my first HEN meets and judging by the past images posted on the FB page I went with the expectation of meeting a few handful of people and getting a lot of excuses on FB the next day of “wish I was there!”.

2nd Mumbai Meet

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July 22, 2011, Mumbai (Barista) – The women demonstrated leading qualities of broadminded and farsighted business leaders, while entangled each other into their diverse network base and stressed the importance of meeting people from diverse facets and reaching larger audiences.

3rd Kolkata Meet

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July22, 2011, Kolkata (Oxford Cha Bar) –  A general discussion on issues we faced in our respective businesses was tabled.

Shelly was looking out for bank investments and Ruchi was telling her how she could network with someone within the Group who is an expert at the same (good example to make not so optimistic members like me understand what HEN stands for).

Hyderabad Meet

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June 28, 2011, Hyderabad (Barista) –  The first HEN meet at Hyderabad was very successful in terms of sharing business interests. It was decided that meet will be held at end of every month and each existing member will bring at least one prospective HEN member to the meet and those in turn will bring one more prospective HEN member, which will help us to get more and more ‘WE’ on board.