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Anupama Menon, Founder Of Right Living

How would you define perfect health? Indeed, some of us may even wonder if there is such a thing! Anupama Menon of Right Living shows us that wellness and business models can be sustained when there is clarity of purpose and priorities.

Company Name – Right Living  |  Type Of Company – Partnership

Year Of Incorporation – 2010  |  Location – Bangalore

Website –

Anupama’s Blog-

This mom of two has donned many hats over time. Her parents insisted that financial independence is a freedom not to be taken lightly. She started as a college teacher and as a fresher landed an enviable job in nutrition at the McDonalds corporate office. Then from selling cupcakes to teaching in a Montessori to basic weight management consulting, Anupama kept doing something that kept her busy and the bank account ticking. When she returned to India after being a trailing spouse for a few years in the US, Anupama came back to the role of a nutritionist at Gold’s Gym in its early days. She was given a target of Rs. 15000 of sales a month and clocked one lac! Nutrition and wellness was clearly a passion and a sustainable business model. Anupama decided she could easily be her own boss and quickly line up several clients.

Challenges came to her in many forms. The first was making a dent in a saturated industry where several people claim to offer results and often fail. She recalls that the first payout she received was INR 7000 as an independent diet consultant. While the time taken to establish a brand is a daunting prospect for many of us, it isn’t for Anupama who believes that a valuable offering will never go unnoticed.

Over the next 2-3 years, the business grew steadily with revenue-sharing arrangements for office space and a partnership that worked till it didn’t work! By year three she had found a quaint location in Koramangala and decided to splurge over 20 lacs to create an office that clients would find inviting, spacious, calming and luxurious.

The second aspect that she dealt with, and quite beautifully at that, is the management of a business and her personal life. Anupama has never worked Thursdays and Sundays. “One day for me and one day for my family.” Perhaps we could all learn something from a woman who always puts her family first and is absolutely thrilled to be able to do so. As an entrepreneur, her priorities were sorted from the beginning- she wanted to spend time with the people and things that mattered most to her. Time for friends, time for kids, time for shopping and time for reading and learning more about nutrition and wellness – all part of the plan. As a result, she learned early on to delegate tasks to competent people and trust them to do their jobs well.

Today, Right Living and Anupama have partners in Subbalakshmi, a management professional and firebrand marketer managing the Corporates, as well as a team of six nutritionists to handle corporate clientele.


Here are some key takeaways from her journey that could serve us all well in our journeys:

  • If you work on yourself and build up your skills first, you will always be in demand. Spend time working on yourself.
  • Have your priorities in order. Whatever be the choices you make, enjoy them.
  • Never underestimate or undersell yourself- you are worth as much as you believe.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate- building a team is one way to scale up effectively.

Subha C, Founder – Rainkraft

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