7th Bangalore HEN meet

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January 20, 2012, CCD Lounge: This was one of my first HEN meets and judging by the past images posted on the FB page I went with the expectation of meeting a few handful of people and getting a lot of excuses on FB the next day of “wish I was there!”. But Hello hello ! was I surprised …. 22 of us turned up and it was a delightful meet to say the least! More poured in before the session started. We began by introducing each other. I missed the first half of it because I walked in fashionably late (I swear never to do that again) but quickly caught up with the group. Amidst a lot of fun, laughter and jokes we managed to do a complete round of short introductions and also drove the waiter nuts with our coffee orders before Ruche could get some semblance of order to the meet.

We had a good mix of people who were at various stages in the business ventures – from ideation, expansion, established to just curious about the group and it was very interesting to meet all of them. The group also discussed various topics that can be addressed and would be helpful to all us women entrepreneurs and came up with some pretty good and relevant subjects that might be the topic of conversation for the next sessions.

Next on the agenda was a talk by Dr. Kripa Shanker Gupta who was quite taken aback at our numbers at first but quickly recovered and converted his talk into an interactive session.  We began with an introduction to his very impressive profile and then moved into the session.

Dr.Gupta spoke to us about various subjects that covered empowering and knowing ourselves as an entrepreneur. The best part was that he related it to his real life experiences and relationships and encouraged us to think and relate them to the same. Some of the key learnings that I felt were really useful were as follows:

  • You need to change your lifestyle  (starting with being on time … ahem! ) and be the person you want others to follow
  • Be the change that you want to see in your team
  • Change has to be inculcated at the grass root level. Try and change your perspective of thinking on a larger level and do not compartmentalise it into work vs personal life. You are an individual entity and cannot have two split personalities that cater differently to these different aspects of your life
  • Make the change a part of your life extending into every phase of it and into every relationship
  • You can learn from every relationship and grow as an individual
  • Challenge preconceived notions
  • The generation gap is in your head
  • Skill to manage relationships are learnt from our childhood (no you cannot blame everything on your family but maybe this you can pin on them!) and we inadvertently and without realising slip in to the same mode and deal with it in exactly the same manner when confronted with similar situations
  • There are five stages to finding a solution to any problem that you  might be faced with – Realisation, Acknowledgement , Addressing , Solving and then Success
  • There are no thumb rules to being a successful entrepreneur. You have to chalk your own path
  • Be the judge of your own success and don’t let people (random as they are) make that judgement for you
  • People work for people. Not companies.  If you are dependent on people in your business then make sure you work on those relationships
  • Every relationship has to be nurtured. There has to be constant and relevant communication between them to keep the relationship alive!
  • Stay positive!

The good Dr explained all the above with very relevant examples from his years of experience in the professional world and his still continued pride as a successful father.

Post this enriching one hour session we broke into groups to meet each other, network, take group pictures, exchange business cards and have some delicious goodies that were distributed by individual entrepreneurs for another hour. All in all a fun and learning experience that I would definitely want to repeat!

– Tarunjeet Rattan

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