6th Bangalore HEN Meet

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November 18, 2011, CCD Lounge: The session started with  introductions…  We discussed our goals and dreams and how we manage our work life balance.Vaishali shared about starting her marketing company which she now operates  from home itself.After taking a break from her job to take care of her baby,she realised that she could continue her marketing career which she enjoyed,by going online at home itself ,without  having to compromise on her home life.

Rachita  Subramani is a personal fitness trainer,and has gone out of her way to get special certification in the field of fitness  and is accredited with the American Council of Exercise. She works only with women&focuses on individual sessions which are designed keeping in mind each individual’s requirement.Babita Jaishankar is an image consultant and a fashion designer who is now set to start her retail outlet in western wear with purely Indian fabrics.She shared how everyone is so image conscious nowadays including mom to be’s !!She also supports an NGO working with cancer patients,as it is something which she always wanted to do.

Bharathi  Raj runs a 7 years old HR & IT firm where she focuses only on niche clients across the globe&has just signed up a fabulous deal for an international firm to set up a team for them here- Has an amazing  business attitude where she refuses to work with anyone who does not give her a business worth 1lac in 3 months!!She has  honed her skills so much,that she demands and gets not only the price she demands,but also manages to get  retainer fees from them,even when she does not complete the assignment.

Neeta Adappa runs a firm Prakriti Herbals manufacturing herbal and organic cosmetics&was recently among the top 5 in India nominated  for “women entrepreneur” by Economic Times Now.She shared with us how this was a much needed push for her to venture out of her comfort zone,and that this was the story with most of us women entrepreneurs. Most of us don’t even apply for any of the awards & even she for that matter,had not applied but was nominated for it- and was the only women entrepreneur among  70 male entrepreneurs in the South Zone round. So there is a real need for us to be more open towards awards. We are all waiting for her to get the award for all of us…..

Gita Ramanan who is an architect shared the joys&travails of opening her new office Design Café where they deliver Complete design and building solutions to clients.Her biggest acheivement that month was to get a Man Friday to do all the office odd jobs,for which she used to run around herself earlier…sounds familiar,doesn’t it!!:)

Vasanthi Hariprakash has been a famous media person,and has her fingers in many pies: She has now started  a new venture “The Hermitage” specialising in corporate training of a different kind, while still dabbling as a  Breakfree journalist/event anchor which she says helps support her entrepreneurial venture.

Shruti Singh- the first Indian to have an extensive  graphalogy or handwriting analysis library, shared with us how can it can be used effectively by small & mid size companies… The HEN members at the meet that day were lucky to get a sample reading done by Shruti, and she came up with amazingly  near accurate details(scores of 8.5-9/10) about us just by looking at our handwriting…. Simply awesome experience!!….The ones who didn’t come really missed this,as well as the countless stories from Shruti about making she had made a difference to people’s lives just through analysis and counselling.Finally our ever efficient timekeeper & organizer  Ruche  had to put a full stop to the stories, to get us back to the real story: Benefits of Social Media.

Most of us were comfortable using Facebook and LinkedIn, but had problems with Twitter, The basic problems realised were
  • people want to know how & why to use twitter
  • FB pages look to be promising bt still need to learn the stregths of it in detail
  • linkedin has helped few people for business, while some would want to explore.
  • BLOGGING seems to be a big thing.. but in everybody’s to do list…

– Neeta Shetty Adappa

  1. Vasanthi Hariprakash
  2. Rachita Subramani
  3. Vaishali Hukkeri
  4. Neeta Shetty Adappa
  5. Gita Ramanan
  6. Shruti Singh
  7. Bharathi Raj
  8. Babita Jaishankar
  9. Ruche M Mittal
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