3rd Kolkata Meet

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July22, 2011, Kolkata (Oxford Cha Bar) –  A general discussion on issues we faced in our respective businesses was tabled.

Shelly was looking out for bank investments and Ruchi was telling her how she could network with someone within the Group who is an expert at the same (good example to make not so optimistic members like me understand what HEN stands for).

Problems on hunting talent were tabled. Each industry had the same problem but the solution was not found. HR professionals in the network are you listening? Basically, Kolkata is perceived to be a dead and boring place where respect for work culture is zero. In such a scenario, how do you attract talent?

Besides, the general business talk we also questioned how HEN would help us grow as organisations and whether we should have a fee to be HEN members or not. Thoughts on what we should introduce in the HEN website were shared. Sangita introduced the idea of having a promotion window on the website which would allow us to promote ourselves to other entrepreneurs in the network. Ruchi shared her views on how she was planning for the website –the HEN directory, the entrepreneur page etc.

The main issue of attendance was brought up. Members promised to attend however backed out without informing others. This attitude de-motivates the rest of the members who take the time out to attend the meetings. To make the meets slightly focused and involving we have decided that entrepreneurs from the same industry get together and educate others about the industry and promote their respective companies.The format agreed upon is – 20 minute talk on the industry and 5, 3 minute presentations by entrepreneurs and then an open house for discussion.

The next meeting is tentatively planned for 19 August. The industry presentation planned for that date is on advertising and graphic design. The presenters are Adessence and One by One Design. Three more presentations can be accommodated on first come, first serve basis. So all you budding advertising/design studios in Kolkata do get in touch with Shelly Jain or me (Mansi Goenka) at ad.essence@gmail.com or mansi@onebyone.in or else contact us at henindia@gmail.com to be a part of the presenting team. Looking forward to an indulging next meet.

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Mansi Goenka

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